Jan. 25th, 2009

fictional: (doctor and jack author)
Rach: You know what Jack and Ianto have never talked about...? The real Captain Jack.... I wonder if Tosh ever told him about that?
Kali: God, yeah. I don't even know how Ianto would respond. Or if there's anyway to respond that isn't terrible. I mean, from Ianto's perspective: a) wtf. you went back to the 1940s and FELL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF?! sadness-jealousy, and b) so, you kissed that dude, and by doing so YOU KILLED HIM. Because I firmly believe that real!Jack was killed in "friendly" fire.
Rach:Yeah, I agree about real!Jack. Also I think Ianto would be like, "Wait, we've been together for months now, through all this awful shit and you're in love with him and not me and then you acted like THAT?"

And from there, it was but a hop, skip and a jump to the following conversation...

this is not fic, but the way we communicate in email for no discernable reason )

Not at all part of IHNIIHBT, btw, just us being crack monkeys. =D

ETA: And Rach adds below: "Also for the edification of the masses -- one of us is not Jack and one of us is not Ianto, we just send little chunks of the discussion back and forth, so like the first 4 lines will be one person, the next ten the other, the next two, etc etc..."


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