Feb. 6th, 2009

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I just have to say that the levels of dialogue we've been able to have during and after the posting of IHNIIHBT -- about Torchwood, about Doctor Who, about canon, about writing, about characters, about sexual politics, about fanfiction and stories themselves -- have utterly astounded us.

It's been fun, it's been illuminating... to steal a word, it's been grand. We are very grateful!

And now this: [livejournal.com profile] neifile7 has written Sex, Lies and Storytelling, a meditation on our story, but also the nature of fanfic, and fanfic in this fandom specifically. Please do go and read it, if you have a moment. Or several moments; it's detailed, beautifully organized and written, thoughtful and really, really insightful. Not just about our story -- and I hasten to add that I'm not just telling you to read it just because it's complimentary (although it is, which in the interests of full disclosure, does induce a great deal a fair amount of squee in me) -- but also about timeframe & fiction, and the possibilities of fanfic: the form itself, as well as how it is disseminated and produced.

I hope to talk to some of you about some of these things in comments there.

It's moments like this that make me feel really happy about fandom. Happy that it exists, and even happier to be a part of it! Y'all are awesome.


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