Apr. 7th, 2009

catching up

Apr. 7th, 2009 11:13 am
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It has been a while since my last post; frankly, it's all been pretty shitty 'round here, and I don't want to be one of those lj'ers -- you know the ones I mean.

But still, news is news, and ought to be recorded, and perhaps even shared. (I think?) So, for those of you following along at home, we now know my dad has lung cancer. Stage IV. Spread to brain, lymph and, as we discovered yesterday, spine. (Kind of like we're playing some sort of terrible game of reverse bingo; we keep getting squares that, well, do not want.) He starts chemo on Thursday.

He had one open brain surgery; and then a closed brain.... with a gamma knife. Does that not sound like some awesome light saber-y weapon? He's got a titanium plate in his head, and soon will be injected full of platinum. It's rather like living on the edge of sci fi, but not in a fun, happy way. Then I guess those novels never really are.

What else? I'm trying to write my dissertation, while spending as much time at my folks' as I can. This is... less successful than it could be, but I hope once we get into more of a routine, it will be better. It's interesting because while my concentration has (for some reason!) suffered, the urgency for finishing has... well, let's just say it's increased. A lot.

However, one can always distract oneself with tv. Supernatural, man. Metatastic episode for the win! (Better than metastastic, anyway. *g*) Seriously, I think having slash mentioned was awesome, I think the boys would react that way to Wincest, and I note they weren't freaked out by the gay, just by the brother-thing. Also, Cas for the win with his wink-wink-nudge-nudge. Yay. Also, CHUCK. I love it. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Unfortunately, I am really dreading the next ep., but shall hope for the best.

I keep trying to like Dollhouse, and thus far am mostly failing. They had one good episode that I can recall, but even that was only good in comparison to the rest. It's glossy and badly paced and takes itself so seriously. It's so freaking earnest, which from the Joss, I kind of resent. No, actually there's no 'kind of'. I just resent it a whole lot.

Kings is pleasing. I'm not caught up -- have only seen the first two or three eps? But I'm enjoying it. Wrong!New York is gorgeous; I love the mythic adapation, and I'm waiting anxiously for my canon slash. Also, Ian McShane is amazing.

AND I am finally watching S3 of Friday Night Lights. Its 2nd season was SO dreadful; this season rocks SO HARD. It's made me and D. rise out of our chairs and pump the air on several occasions, and has on occasions too numerous to catalogue, turned us into spastic, twitching joygasms. I can't wait to go home tonight and watch more.

Then there's fic. I am still working on chap. 2 of Enough to Go By; it's my turn to send the next bit to Rach. But it is I am slow like molasses.

Anything more? We have cousins of all stripes descending on us this weekend, from London, from Rochester, NY, from New Delhi.

The world, it continues to suck. I continue to... not pay attention. I watched the coverage of the Binghamton shooting while waiting for my dad to get his bones scanned. I also saw a little kid wandering around with his chemo attached to him. He had a purple triceratops that he held by the tail. His dad followed him, board game under one arm; I can't describe to you the look on the dad's face.

Fun times. (Like Alison Bechdel says, we put the fun in funeral, no?)


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