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I'm supposed to be thesis-writing...
Which is why I'm posting.

I heard that TW-fandom has had a little poetical excitement re: John Barrowman while I was away in the Desert of the Real.

So... er... I decided to present y'all with a small sample of my *ahem* lyrical stylings.
[[ profile] rm dared me to post it at [ profile] dalekinthepond. I'm reposting here for those of y'all who don't read that ;-) ]

Title: He Walks In Beauty Like The Night
Rating: 13+
Pairing/Characters: John Barrowman, Captain Jack Harkness, OFC
Warning/Spoilers/Notes: So I was having a little conversation with [ profile] rm about fans, celebrity, and verse. This was the result. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Disclaimer: It's all true, baby. Except not.
Summary: ~I want a dream lover so I don't have to dre-e-am alone...~ )

Meanwhile: cancer continues on apace, but hopefully paces slower than the chemo. The lung tumor, is, we're told, shrinking -- but it seems unclear as to what that means in real life (or death?) terms. Insurance battle goes on, but is at this precise moment out of my hands -- and with the neurosurgeons who are appealing the decision -- they seem to think they'll have better success getting the 50 grand out of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield than they will out of us, which makes a certain amount of sense.

I've been pretty depressed lately.

But I seem to have had some social engagements here and there: Dave took me to see Chicago, he, D., Tam and I had a post show Bacchanalian Revel (I'm still a smidge hungover...). The sunrise was pretty. I haven't seen one from that end for a while. Tam's taking me to the ballet tomorrow night - it appears to be about pirates! (Le Corsaire from the Byron poem @ ABT which is extremely awesome.)

However, one assumes that I will get back to the internets SOMEDAY. To that end, I've got a dreamwidth account courtesy of [ profile] bentley who rocks like a rocking thing. I'm over there -- it's almost completely empty at this point, but at some point I'll make it all spiffy, so please do let me know if you're on there! At some point soon (for a given value of soon) I will begin cross posting etc.

Also, I got twitter -- that is, I registered a number of names.

[Poll #1405703]

I miss y'all like whoa.
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So, there's this conference. Film and Science: Fictions, Documentaries and Beyond. I had wanted to go to this conference anyway. Then, I noticed they were...uh...having a Doctor Who area.


*crickets chirping*

It was clear I had to send them something. I ended up writing the abstract on the subway. People looked over my shoulder as I wrote things about ourobourouses (ouroborii???) and the Doctor, and gave me weird (very weird) glances. The paper ended up being entitled, "When Worlds Continue: The Doctor's Adventures in Fandom and Metatexuality." The idea was something about which I was am ridiculously excited, and am just dying to write. But I really felt like I couldn't, in all conscience, write the damn thing (even if it is apropos to my dissertation topic, it's not actually part of it) unless it had, well, a venue.

AND NOW IT DOES. Oh god, I'm so excited. I'm seriously so thrilled. I can't figure out if it's that I get to write about something I care so much for right now, or if it's because it's one of the first few national conferences I've been accepted to, w/o you know, being an advisee of the organization president.

It's probably silly. But I can't help it! So um. Yeah. I'll just be over here kvelling in the corner.

Thanks, Doc. You really made my night ;-)
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D. & I are off to San Diego tomorrow to spend the Day of Food with his mom. We'll be back sometime Sunday. Have a nice holiday, everyone! Eat well! I shall provide food porn upon my return...


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