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I just have to say that the levels of dialogue we've been able to have during and after the posting of IHNIIHBT -- about Torchwood, about Doctor Who, about canon, about writing, about characters, about sexual politics, about fanfiction and stories themselves -- have utterly astounded us.

It's been fun, it's been illuminating... to steal a word, it's been grand. We are very grateful!

And now this: [ profile] neifile7 has written Sex, Lies and Storytelling, a meditation on our story, but also the nature of fanfic, and fanfic in this fandom specifically. Please do go and read it, if you have a moment. Or several moments; it's detailed, beautifully organized and written, thoughtful and really, really insightful. Not just about our story -- and I hasten to add that I'm not just telling you to read it just because it's complimentary (although it is, which in the interests of full disclosure, does induce a great deal a fair amount of squee in me) -- but also about timeframe & fiction, and the possibilities of fanfic: the form itself, as well as how it is disseminated and produced.

I hope to talk to some of you about some of these things in comments there.

It's moments like this that make me feel really happy about fandom. Happy that it exists, and even happier to be a part of it! Y'all are awesome.
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It may come as a surprise to those of you who read IHNIIHBT, which is sort of a pornographic epic, but I greatly dislike writing sex.

No, really.

I hate it a lot. Which is funny because lately, we've been doing a lot of it.

Don't get me wrong. I love that our story is so filthy and x-rated. In fact, sometimes I even think it could stand to be filthier. I like reading sex. Oh man, do I. Porn, for me, is a primarily written-word driven thing, and it was that way long before I discovered fandom and its box of erotic delights. Think reading bodice-rippers and skimming my way through Tess of the D'Urbervilles at seven, desperately (and unsuccessfully, fuck you, Thomas Hardy) searching for the dirty bits...! Flipping through the Mists of Avalon for the threesome scene, etc. etc.

But writing it? A resounding "feh!"

For one thing, it's really hard [no pun intended]. Sex is repetitive. We have a finite number of moving parts, we have a finite number of slots for those parts to fit into. We tweak, we stroke, we push, we pull, we slap, we tickle; we get wet, we get hard. It feels great, except when it doesn't. And if you add in too many adverbs and adjectives -- you run the risk of sounding like a romance novel, a bad romance novel.

I don't know about you, but I have sex in my head. If my brain isn't getting off, I can spasm all I want, but I haven't come. It's no good to me without the brainfuck. There's an internal narrative always going on -- which mirrors to varying degrees what's actually happening in the physical, corporeal world. Sometimes, the degree is zero. Things I would never do "for real", things I would find actively offensive or disturbing if I weren't in bed, and believing that the things people imagine or play at in order to find pleasure are all perfectly okay.1

Thing is, when you're writing, the characters can't have internal narratives, unrelated to what's around them, because they're already in a narrative! Hell, they are the narrative. And of what interest to the reader -- who's using your story to furnish their own fantasy about say, Jack and Ianto -- is an internal, unrelated narrative that the character might possibly be having, if they were real? My feeling is, generally speaking, probably not much. Because that's like being OOC on purpose, and no one wants to see that, right?

So there's ways around it. Hence: dirty talk, d/s, drag, s & m, 3somes -- all games that are all about the stories you tell yourself. Narratives embraced and imposed.

But. I have to wonder, what are the fantasies of fantasies? What are the stories that stories whisper to themselves in the dark, or the ones they hold tightly to themselves, too ashamed even to say out loud?

Because that? That might be hot.

1That's what I tell myself anyway. Rationalizations: more important than sex. Think about it. Ever made it through a day without a rationalization? Yeah..
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The lovely [ profile] laurab1 has graced I Had No Idea I Had Been Traveling with more art, this time a cover illustrating the latest installment, There Are Some Men Who Should Have Mountains to Bear Their Names to Time. You can find the piece here. [Spoilers for the installment!] It's gorgeous, and the story really cried out for an illustration, I thought. Please do go and fanperson her!

ETA: And somehow, I never posted about the awesomely awesome DVD covers she made for us (after hearing we were going to package the thing like a DVD, with a commentary AND special features and stuff, which we are so looking forward to, btw. *grins* )

I am made of epic fail. :-( Anyway. Go. Look! Fanperson!
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Winner: Unexpected by [ profile] teachwriteslash
Runner Up: I Had No Idea I Had Been Traveling by [ profile] kalichan & [ profile] rm

Winner: Shades of Ianto by [ profile] sarcasticchick
Runner Up: I Had No Idea I Had Been Traveling by [ profile] kalichan & [ profile] rm


Dec. 18th, 2008 01:49 pm
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So, um, I just did a word count on the section of INIIHBT that we're working on now.

It's twice as long as any of the other installments in the arc. How did that happen? *laughs* I guess this is what writing something that has an actual plot looks like. Who knew?

Seriously, I am so nervous and excited about this bit. There's so much we're trying to say in it. I hope it comes across.
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OMG. We can haz art!. Seriously, the idea that [ profile] laurab1 made some icons for I Had No Idea I Had Been Traveling is so fucking awesome, I can hardly stand it. What an lovely, lovely thing to come home to! And the icons themselves are really funny and delightful and just all 'round fabulous. Y'all should go take a gander, especially if you've read Up, Down, Strange, Charm, Truth, Beauty: or, A Child's Guide to Modern Physics.
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This is really pretty cool. Dear Captain, Last Night I Slept In Mutiny seems to have won a Skiffy Award for "Best of Jack Harkness: Romance". Winning stuff is always pretty neat, and this particular story is very dear to our hearts, but really the best thing about this is the company "Dear Captain..." is in. SRSLY. Go to the award page and check out all the winners and runners up. It is a fabulous reading list, full of fantastic stories by people who need no introduction, but are followed avidly, and some lesser known pieces that deserve more recognition. Go. Read. Fanperson the authors. I think the idea of having character-centric awards for particular types of depiction is a really spectacular one for fandom, as it highlights so precisely what we're trying to do here; honor fictional universes certainly, but also bring to life the people who, for whatever reason, and in whatever flavor, have colonized our brains. Thanks to whoever nominated us (you rock, whoever you are!) and any of you who might have voted.

More story very soon!


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