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Thank you all for your words of encouragement! I am feeling a bit better, and slightly less like an extremely angsty seventeen. Which is good. I don't know how teenagers make it through adolescence without killing themselves or being killed by others. I appreciate it muchly, and will endeavor to be a little less classic lj-whiny in future - but I make no promises. *grin*

I watched the Children in Need charity thing. First of all, it was pretty budget, wasn't it? I mean just the first two mins of the Christmas special? CHEAP. And also, *sniff* it was sad. Two minutes less of absolutely new Ten material. I really want my Seven Doctors story. Now that would've encouraged me to donate!

At some point soon, I've got to post pictures of the Chicago thing, and [ profile] magnetgirl's and my incredibly underappreciated halloween costumes. And the regency ball photo essay! I see I have a lot of fiddling with pictures in my near future.

Today I taught "The Last Battle" and Neil Gaiman's "The Problem of Susan." Susan was always my favorite; she had long black hair, as opposed to Lucy's golden curls, she was a wicked shot with a bow, and could swim, and I loved her. "The Last Battle" broke my heart. What do y'all think about the problem of Susan? I don't know why being an outcast from an undesirable redemption filled me with so much woe, but it did. Also, the Stable at the end of the Last Battle? Lewis says it's "bigger on the inside than it is on the outside." [ profile] faris_nallaneen accuses me of seeing everything with TARDIS colored glasses. Probably true.

If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.
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The department apparently takes this all Very Seriously. They have called, are reporting the incident, are concerned about suicide, etc. etc.

They have also discovered that said student's contact number is in fact, her boyfriend's (the alleged kidnapper).

Student is still MIA and has not responded.

Possibility 1: I am a cynical, horrible excuse for a compassionate human being, and this person is actually in phenomenal amounts of trouble and/or dead.

Possibility 2: I am a cynical, horrible excuse for a compassionate human being, and this person has seriously unleashed a can of worms upon themselves that I don't think they were intending to.

I feel kind of bad over the whole thing.

A New Low

Nov. 15th, 2007 11:54 am
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One of our students has now claimed that they were kidnapped and held captive by their boyfriend and this is why they have not been attending class.


This was the information provided after an email sent to them, informing them that they had been absent for about ten days and were in danger of repeating the course.

Question: Did their boyfriend allow them to come to the keyboard just to respond to this query?

I weep for humanity.

I also wonder if this job is making me unduly cynical. But seriously. Kidnapped???
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So in discussing the perennially fascinating debate of "creation" vs. "evolution" (Why are we still having this conversation?) with my students before break, I was greeted with the following, which I present for your delectation, sans commentary.

dramatis personae:
Me: twenty-something professor, exhausted, over-worked, grad. student.
Student: indeterminate 40 or 50 something, moonlights as cab-driver, dedicated, hardworking.
Greek Chorus: rest of Class, largely composed of fundamentalists from ages 18-22.

~Act I, scene i: in medias res~
Student: The difference between creation and evolution is that creation can be proved, while evolution can't.
Me: Er?
Student: There's no proof for evolution, but there is one for creation.
Me: Eh?
Student: Creation can be proved.
Me: Really. Well then, prove it.
Student: Huh?
Me: If there's a proof, what is it?
Student: Oh. Well. You see this chair? *points to chair sitting in front of him*
Me: Yes.
Student: There you go.
Me: Interesting. Can you elucidate?
Student: *looks around, as if to highlight ultimate stupidity of instructor* This chair is made of wood!
Me: Looks more like fiberboard really, but okay. It could be made of wood, at any rate.
Student: Wood comes from plants!
Me: Well, yes. Very logical. And this helps your proof because...?
Student: Evolutionists have no explanation for plants! But Creationists do! We say that God created them.
Greek Chorus: *nods* Ahhh...
Me: Uh...
Student: See...
Me: Well, actually evolutionists believe that all life (including plants) evolved from amino acids and other compounds in the primordial soup, stimulated by lightning - and the experiment's been duplicated.
Student: Oh.
Me: You know plants are alive, right?
Student: ...yes?
Me: By the way...what's your major, if you don't mind my asking?
Student: Biology.

I felt the conversation needed to be logged for posterity.

Edited for GIP


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