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the previous entry notwithstanding, my weekend was actually chock full of Sunshine. i've never seen weather like this here. it was warm and blue and we spent much time outside, soaking it all up. there were jacket-less people wandering the streets, and lots of laughter and sandals and skirts.

actually the sun is currently shining into my office window, and pooling on the windowsill. for once, i'm actually quite looking forward to the walk home. (of course now that i said that, it'll probably rain.) in passing, i'd like to note that it's really weird that i have an office. and a desk. i quite hate my job, (worthy though water resources and environmental protection are, it's hard to enjoy being an office bitch) but i often regard my office with a certain sense of glee and self importance.
and loathing.
so i doubt the other ones will ever get ahead of me. i'll probably be a slacker forever.

this morning, i took the bus to class. i've bought this buspass that allows me to ride all i want for $75 and i'm determined to make as much use out of it as possible, even on beautiful days like today. at any rate, on the bus this morning i had this weird sense of nostalgia. it smelled like a city bus, and the air rushing into the windows almost tasted of a city spring morning. i remembered so many busrides across central park, and the weight of the bag on my shoulder. it felt as if i'd shed all the changes that have come upon me since then, and i'd fallen back to that little onion seed that i used to be a long time ago.

i like the flavor of this unexpected false spring. i like the way it has tripped us up, made things unpredictable. it's quite dangerous really, the trees will begin to bud soon, if this keeps up, and winter may all of sudden roar back with a kick in the teeth. still i like it, and this afternoon, solaced by the measured marches of jane austen, and anticipating a dive into arthurian legend, i walked over the grassy hills by the physics hall, and listened to the bells chime pachelbel's canon in d over the campus.

rubbing my feet in the thawed mud, i stood out there and listened. it may be a poor taste to like that song. overplayed, they say. cliched. i listen to it, and i wonder how i would feel if i could create something so inherently beautiful that it would leave me speechless and humming.
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the weather today was quite beautiful, or at least comparatively so. i even managed to wander around for a bit wearing just a sweatshirt, carrying around my big black bulky coat. (ain't alliteration amazing?)

busy, busy, busy. that's me. once i managed to yank myself out of bed this morning, and away from the uber-snuggles that d. was tempting me with, i didn't rest for a minute till now. i had classes straight from 10:10 till 3:20, and then i ran straight to work.

i'm contemplating taking six classes this semester.
i will be one tired kali-chan if i do.

i have more things to say, but not enough energy to formulate them into words.

oh except i've just been informed (rather irately) that the last time d. and i visited new york and stayed at my parents house, (they weren't there of course, they're not that enlightened) apparently we managed to misplace both the tv remote and the corkscrew. my parents aren't particularly thrilled.

to say the least.
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as far as i can figure i need 9 credits this summer to get the hell out of this frozen wasteland by summer 2003. so that the boy and i don't die of exposure, not to mention the lack of people to associate with.

Rome is 6 credits (and $5000)
that means if i take 3 credits after returning, i should be ok.
unfortunately they charge $685 per credit for those, and there's only interest accruing loans available for financial aid.


i'm even boring myself with these problems.
somebody please solve them, so i can move on to something more interesting.
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today has pretty much sucked.

i liked the early morning snuggles but being forced out of bed into a snowy cold day by the beeping of an alarm has little to recommend it. especially when your sleeping partner gets to stay all nice and warm and cuddly under the covers whilst you trudge out to face the world.

and then there was the enormous scheduling fiasco, which not satisfied with causing me to miss work tomorrow, is also forcing me to change my annual on thursday from the reasonable hour of 11am to 8:30am.

(i think that previous sentence really wants to be a split infinitive, but it just can't seem to make it. i have to allow it to dream, right?)

a small comfort is the fact that i have already been the recipient of several shocked looks at work this afternoon. for i am currently wearing a shiny red watch that sykii left in my dorm room two years ago and that i have appropriated, and defiant of snow, bright blue phat pants, trimmed in yellow, and a black tee-shirt with an enormous white pentacle emblazoned on the front. and i'm wearing my silver pentacle hanging out for all to see today.

subtle it is not.
but i save discretion for the rarest of circumstances.
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ugh. my schedule of classes is looking more amorphous by the minute.

i need to assemble a manuscript for narrative writing by noon tomorrow. and even if it is judged good enough, i may not get to be in the section that i signed up for. lame. very very lame. because the other section plays havoc with my work schedule.

my anthropology class is unfortunately taught by a deadeningly boring lecturer, who i fear is going to make the material deathsome. a sad thing, considering the course is entitled Myth, Ritual, and Symbol and lists among other things, witchcraft, shamanism, sacrifice, and magick in the course keywords.

at least i'm pretty certain that Spenser and Malory will be good, it's taught by my advisor, a woman that i have a deep respect for as a scholar, and lecturer.

i'm worried. i feel all at sea about this semester thus far, and that's not a good way to begin. especially since we're only two and a half hours into it.
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i bought my textbooks for next semester at lunch today, and am feeling raped as usual. while they obscenely overcharge you, still i was pretty excited about what i bought. The Physics for Poets class sounds really fun, and the Anthro class: Myth, Ritual and Symbol has a book on shamans as one of the texts. I also now own a whole shelf's worth of James Baldwin. and i'll be reading the Morte D'Arthur and continuing my obsession with Spenser.
i'm looking forward to this semester, if with a slightly nervous eye. eep.

as i was walking back to work, kind of late, i passed by Fernow Hall (which is right next to Rice Hall, where i work) and i remembered that i was told a few days ago that WASP boy works there full time now. i also note that he lives in the apt. building next to me. considering our proximity, it is somewhat amazing (if fortunate) that i have only run into him once this year. this makes me wonder: how many people there are who live their lives right alongside each other, and yet miraculously only intersect on the rarest of occasions. with the amount of people that form everyone's history, why is it we are always surprized to run into someone we used to know?
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i walked to work today, instead of taking the bus. the air was cool, and grey, and the slight mist felt sort of wet against my face. this campus is so different without the students in it. it's this weird mishmash of 19th century architecture, coupled with a few prison like buildings circa 1970. everything looks exactly like you would imagine a college campus looking. you could totally guess what everything is, without anyone ever telling you, "that's the library" or "that's the chemical engineering building". This is somewhat comforting, especially during winter break or very early in the morning during the semester when the place is almost empty. the students (preppie scary overly normal did i mention frightening?) are what make this place terrifying, otherwise it's sort of like this strange college faerieland. one can almost see the ivory towers, perched on top of the hills, and the ivy climbing the walls, that distinctive old book scent mixing in with the smell of snow.
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there's something weird about this place, i tell you. it seems perfectly normal if you don't spend much time here. it might even seem appealing. there are several beautiful gorges, there's a town full of hippies, a prestigious college with ivy covered stone and brick buildings. wholesome, quaint, peaceful.

but no. it drives one to drink, to attempt to fuzz out the low grade depressive fog that hangs over everything. someone once remarked to me that this place resembles a horror movie set, just before the blood starts gushing. the trees don't seem happy, except in the old graveyard, where i suppose they cheer themselves up by munching and then photo-synthesizing dead people.

anyway, so we went drinking last night, to Stella's (one of the few establishments in this place that i feel safe in.) i like the coffee house, and the bar, and the music is never offensive. after several shots of expensive tequila, corona's and long island iced teas, the world seemed a much happier and more giggly place.

and then we went home, and stayed up much, much too late.

this morning, three things seemed clear.
1) there's a beautiful glistening sharpness that a slight hangover brings to a cool bright sunlight filled day;
2) i quite like the look of myself in leather and chains; and
3) i never deep cleaned my apartment after the hot water pipes exploded and flooded the whole place, and that needs to happen.
right now.

well, maybe after i take a bath...


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