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I made my first vid, you guys! It was on Windows Movie Maker, which I found to be a little bit like trying to make a painting with a rock instead of a paintbrush. Er, not that I've ever done that.

ANYWAY. Here it is. (On youtube. God only knows for how long. Aren't they yanking vids like crazy? What streaming site are people using these days? Are there any?) Concrit & tips very, very much appreciated.

Song/Artist: This Year by The Mountain Goats.
Vidder: [ profile] kalichan
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: Every waking second, he can see: what is, what was, what could be, what must not. And he's gonna make it through this year if it kills him.
Spoilers: Through The Next Doctor.
Pairing/Characters: Mostly gen with hints of Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Ten/Simm!Master, and a smidgebit of Nine/Jack. Also features Martha, Sarah Jane, and Donna.

Vid embedded beneath this cut )
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So, I just had to make a quick [read 3 hours] dash to the New College Which Must Not Be Named. (I may need a new fandom-specific name for this one: thoughts? Prydonian Academy will not do, as I fear it will not be all happy, happy, joy, joy.) It was frantic because I'd not read the email closely, and I was just checking it to make sure I was getting certain notations right in my syllabus, and then I realized that we were *ahem* requested & required to make an appearance at a New Faculty Tea. At 3pm. It was 2:10pm when I was reading the email. SO I dashed out the door, armed with laptop (so I could work on the subway, always fun, and I ended up just writing more story instead, bad kali! no biscuit!) and ran like the hounds of hell were chasing me down to the college.

Only to discover that it was totally useless. It was in fact, just tea. (Literally tea. And lemon cake. and ice cream - none of which I ate.) Dunno what they made such a big deal about it for; it was completely insipid, and also not net-worky. Just to produce the illusion that we are all collegial colleagues, with spirit Feh. And if I have to hear once more: "Oh, you teach children's literature! You're so lucky!" I might throw something. I'm not lucky, okay? I've got balls and attack ovaries, and therefore enough guts to actually study things I like, rather than things which look respectable. Luck has got nothing to do with it! ANYWAY. I did get some writing done, which was okay, and on my way home, I stopped at the bookstore to see if my texts for the class had arrived, and didn't even have to go downstairs because I saw a bunch of college boys coming out with them all in their hands. One of them was cute too! He looked exactly like Lex Luthor from Smallville. Dunno what I'm gonna do with that.

In conclusion, a rec. This is a Doctor Who vid; it's called Handlebars, and I think it is incredible. The song choice is impeccable and fits the Doctor in all his breathtaking arrogance and fundamental glee so perfectly, but with all that, there's an underlying irony; the glee is undercut throughout by notes of anguish that just made me want to cry, even as my mouth hung open in awe. It's the kind of vid that is so very clean, you almost can't see all the work the vidders did to make it work. Spoilers through 4x13: Journey's End. Go check it out!
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My very favorite kind of show is one where I love every single character; where no matter who the subplot is concentrating on, I never feel like fastforwarding because I geniuinely care what happens to everybody. Bonus points, if I can feel that special charge you get when you're watching something that's made with love, like when you can tell the actors and writers adore their job, are fond of each other, and are fans of what they're producing; it can't be faked. There's something starry-eyed about shows like that which can't be quantified, but is instantly recognizable. Firefly had it. Doctor Who and Torchwood have it too. So if you feel even a particle of the same way, go ahead and check out [ profile] such_heights' vid, Love is All You Need. It's a joy. Spoilers for all aired episodes.
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This is maybe my favorite TW/DW vid ever. Okay, I have a ridiculous love for this song, but give it a chance even though it is cheezy!pop.

Wherever You Will Go
This is not the most polished work, but I like it anyway.

Five Becomes Four
Oh, Jack!

Accidentally in Love
Oh, Ianto!

In the End.
This is a song that gets used a LOT in vids, but this one is just perfect anyway. Really gorgeous vidding, and it fits so well!

Everything You Want
I kinda love this too. No effects or anything, but still fun!

Banned from Argo
You've watched Star Trek, right? I find this vid adorable. Oh Team Torchwood! Come back soon!

Read My Mind
Okay, I love this song. And it's so very Jack.


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