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Hi! Yuletide is absolutely hands down one of my very favorite fandom things - it may even be one of my very favorite things, period. So, thank you so much for playing, and also for offering one of these four things that I am so excited about and yet don't get to see very often (or in one case, at all)! I hope writing this story is as much fun for you as reading it will be for me.

I gave a fair amount of detail in the requests themselves, but basically I love long, plotty things and also short character vignettes. I'm generally okay with any variety of slash/het/femmeslash/poly/gen/kink, and any smutness level as well. The only thing I don't categorically like is character bashing - these are all fandoms in which I'm fond of everyone involved - although poking fun is always appreciated. I can go for sweet (though I prefer a little edge in there to keep things from getting saccharine), and angst is fine too. I like humor and drama melded together to give spice/leaven to each other.

My requests:

1. RPF - Doctor Who (new series) [David Tennant/John Barrowman]

Okay, I'm going to the special hell! I'd really like RPF that involves the show itself, either making or watching it - the boys are both fans of their own product, so I love to see that. (This could be either Who or Torchwood) Slash or gen or whatever. Nothing completely fluffy or too unrealistic, please; some acknowledgement of other partners necessary in slash, but doesn't need to be the focus. Any/all appearances by other colleagues on Who or Torchwood (actors/writers) treasured and much appreciated as well!

2. Merlin UK (tv) [Arthur Pendragon/Guinevere aka Gwen/Lancelot/Merlin]

A future fic would be awesome, where the characters are all in their appointed places and relationships according to legend, and yet with the backstory that we see from the show. Any combination of Slash/Het/Poly/Gen. I'd have included Morgana and Mordred in the mix, but this only lets you select four - so really any/all of them would be great.

3. Georgette Heyer - Frederica

What I would really like is a sequel to the novel; and I've always wanted a crossover so that Jessamy Merriville and Aubrey Lanyon from "Venetia" can meet. slash or gen, and I love the tonal quality of the novel. Please don't break up any canon ships, if you can help it - I adore them all - and would love to see more of them if it suits you.

4. Marion Zimmer Bradley - The Catch Trap [Mario Santelli/Stella Gardner/Suzy Santelli/Tommy Zane]

4. The rarest of my rare fandoms. If you know it, then you get several bouquets! I'd love a sequel to the novel - how does it go after with the Flying Santellis? And I always wanted to know how Suzy Santelli worked out. And I love all the technical flying stuff - so more of that would be great. And again, heavily invested in canon ships, so no breakups if you don't mind.

These details are, as always, just intimations. Please do write whatever inspires you - I am already thrilled just to be receiving something in these fandoms. If you're pleased by it, I'm positive I will be too.

Thank you so much and happy writing! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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So, you're already going to be writing something that I'm literally bouncing off the walls for, but I thought a few words might not go amiss, as some folk like to have a little direction. Feel free to go off into the wild blue yonder if you've got alternative inspiration. I will be thrilled regardless.

In general, I enjoy long, plotty stories most of all, but also adore character vignettes. I am amenable to any variation of gen, slash, het and/or poly. (Femmeslash too.) I'm not a huge fan of PWP, but I do like hawt sex if it serves a purpose. Also, some erotica is its own reason for being, so there you go. My very favorite story kink, as you will be able to tell from two of my choices, are what I call Enemies-in-love, or Frenemies, that is: people who have true affection, and/or sexual tension for one another, despite being on opposing sides. I'm also a huge fan of romantic friendship, i.e. the intense relationships between people who aren't necessarily partnered for life.

Fandom choices, btw, are in no particular order - it's not like I want #1 any more than #4.

A few specific story notes:

Spider-Man (movie)Harry Osborn aka Green Goblin/Peter Parker aka Spider-man
I sometimes can't believe how few stories get written about these two. Slash or best-friendship, taken through the whole movie series (or before/after) would be awesome.

Cruel Intentions: Blaine Tuttle/Kathryn Merteuil/Sebastian Valmont
I don't really have much to add to the original request. But I do so love the rich, upper crust, blindingly intelligent, evil New York children thing. Either Sebastian/Kathryn or Sebastian/Blaine or both. Enemies-in-love and Friends-with-Mixed-Motives-Who-Still-Are-Truly-Affectionate are my thing.

Marion Zimmer Bradley - The Catch Trap
I will be so thrilled if someone knows this extremely obscure fandom. I'd love to know some post-novel stuff, either between Johnny, Stella, Mario & Tommy, and most particularly Suzy Santelli, who I always thought would grow up quite interesting. I also really groove on the circus/trapeze stuff. A post-novel story, please, involving the ensemble cast.

Georgette Heyer - Venetia
I'd be utterly happy with anything from this book, which is one of my favorite Heyers. Aubrey Lanyon slash - perhaps a crossover with something? Affectionate & Witty appearances by Damerel and Venetia would not go amiss, if you please. Damerel could be included in slash if desired, but please don't break him up with Venetia, as I love them together.

Happy Writing, dear Yuletide person, and I hope that you will enjoy it!

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Dear Santa,

I'm a little late with this letter, but in case you happen upon it -

My fandom requests are varied, but in case any further clarification is required: I love fic. Fic fic fic fic fic. The longer the better, but short vignettes are also awesome. I read het, slash, femmeslash, poly, gen, whatever. As long as it has a narrative, I'm happy. I love plot. I also love character. I'm slightly less about the random smut, but I do like hotness. I also like gen. Really whatever you feel comfortable with, will make me happy I'm sure. I like boys who are mad, bad, and dangerous to know (and the boys and girls and beasts who love them).

Pamela Dean - Tam Lin:
I requested any, and really any will do. I love this novel, I love all the characters (primary & secondary, and I can't think of anything that I wouldn't love to find out more about.

Flyboys (movie)
Blaine Rawlings/Reed Cassidy
This is really pretty self-explanatory. Slashy goodness. Friend-y goodness. Whiskey&Soda goodness. I keep meaning to write in this fandom, and just haven't got around to it yet.

Tamora Pierce - Tortall series
I said any character, bc Rikash wasn't a choice - thought I do love many other characters too. What I'd really like is a story involving Rikash Moonsword (the stormwing). I always thought his friendship with Daine, Maura, whoever wasn't explored enough! I wanted more more more. And Daine named her son after him!

Guy Gavriel Kay - A Song for Arbonne
I adore this book, so really anything about it would be cool. But if possible I'd love to know what happens after! Man, did I ever want to know what happened with that mysterious epilogue.

Anyway, thank you so much, Santa, and I hope you have as much fun creating, as I will getting.

Joyous Yuletide!



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