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For [ profile] 51stcenturyfox,

OH MAN. THIS IS HARD. I am so not a shipper, you guys. Like, okay, I have stuff I gravitate to, but it's not always in my favorite fandoms, or… yeah. And then what I write is different to what I read, and different to what I just ship in my head without going any further and just URGH.

1. Harry/Draco. (HP)

Rivals! Enemies! Evil Snarky Rich Hot Blond Guy! BOARDING SCHOOL. Kinktastically awesome fic. I have written, read, and can believe this. It's all there, baby.

2. Jack/Will/Elizabeth (PoTC)

Norrington: "Remember your place, Turner."
Will: "It's right here. Between you and Jack."
Elizabeth: "As is mine."

Even my dad ships this OT3. When the first movie ended, he's all like, "THEY SHOULD ALL END UP TOGETHER! WHY DON'T THEY JUMP OF THE CLIFF? WASN'T THAT SWORDFIGHTING A LITTLE BIT… YOU KNOW." Then he watched it again. Orli is always so gay in these swash, swash, buckle, buckle movies. And he always adores his male costars so much. A little swishbuckler, if you will. Also, Keira Knightley is made for threesomes, people. I continue to have a sparkly little crush on her. ♥

3. Doctor/Jack/Rose. (Doctor Who) Sadly lacking in screen time, and therefore good vidding material. But this will always be my very favorite Team TARDIS.

4. Merlin/Arthur/Gwen/Morgana. (Merlin) (OT4!) Seriously, anything goes. (This is also why I love Leverage.)

5. Jules/Jess/Joe. (Bend It Like Beckham) What did I tell you about Keira Knightley & threesomes? It's amazing that she's actually marginally less beautiful than Parminder Nagra in this film. Plus, uh, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. These three sizzle, and yeah, practically canon.

6. Honorable Mention(s):
Buffy/Spike. (BtVS) This almost made it. It's, like, 95% of what I read in Buffy fandom these days, though there's also Dawn/Spike, and Fanged Four. But Buffy/Spike -- it's like comfort pairing. In the end, it didn't make the list because, well, you deserve better, Spike.

Logan/Veronica. (VM) You also deserve better, Logan. Seriously.

Brian/Justin. (QaF US) Maybe if you hadn't turned into pod versions of yourselves in those last two seasons, boys.

Clark/Lex. (Smallville) It's canon, as far as I'm concerned. Problem is, I just didn't like the show that much. Still the fic is rocking, and they looked spectacular: go read Reconcilable Differences by [ profile] astolat, and see if you don't ship it too. Or watch this:

These didn't make the cut, because, dude, I like reading about them being boyfriends. But… I don't actually think they are.

Hayden Christensen/Ewan McGregor. Yes. Seriously. You could watch this:

Or read The Colour of Wheat by [ profile] ethrosdemon. Or anything here. I particularly recommend stories by [ profile] hackthis & [ profile] ethrosdemon.

David Tennant/John Barrowman. Dude. Are you made of stone?

Also read: The Boxing Day Doctor Who Marathon. Then talk to me.

Darcy/Elizabeth: For this, I must simply refer you to Pride and Prejudice.

Okay, okay, Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane too. Don't even get me started on kidlit pairings. MUST STOP NOW.

For [ profile] kel_reiley,

1. Captain Jack Harkness/Captain John Hart. I don't think this needs an explanation. (Torchwood)

2. Logan & Veronica at the hotel. Man, this came out of nowhere for me. I was a less experienced tv watcher back then. BUT OH HOW I LOVED IT AND REWOUND IT. Over and over. Yes.(Veronica Mars)

3. Buffy & Spike bringing the house down in Wrecked. THEY BROUGHT DOWN A HOUSE. (BtVS)

(Can't find a vid of this moment. Sadly. There's this one part, where we used to swear you could watch her face, and you could pick out the moment where he shoved inside. Mmm.)

4. Sam & Ruby, fucking and kissing while Dean's, *ahem* elsewhere. Man, I did not like the way that Ruby plotline worked out. But they were hot, then. (SPN)

5. Brian/Justin. I picked the one in s3 where they make up post Ethan. Really, I could've just thrown pins at the board at random. All their kisses were pretty freaking hot. (Queer as Folk US)

The rest are coming soon. You guys rock, and have given me ones that require some more thinky thoughts before I commit. I am, uh, a tad commitmentphobic, as you may have, um, noticed.

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Date: 2009-08-07 04:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*grins* I, er, have a not-so-secret love for Savage Garden. SHAME.

And a hot smooch isn't a hot smooch without a little violence.

This is apparently my philosophy. ;-)


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