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This has clearly been a poor time to not be on the internets! But alas. While I was otherwise occupied, it seems amazon has been, well, having epic fail. Which sucks, for many, many reasons but is also hugely irritating because I FUCKING LOVE BUYING BOOKS FROM AMAZON. And is also sad, because okay, evil, corporate, whateverthefuck, fine. I'm used to it. We're all freaking used to it, aren't we? But aside from being bigoted, it's also insane. Because it is not good business practice to try not to sell books if you're, you know, a book shop. And sex has been selling for a long time, my friends. And teh gay? ALSO DOING PRETTY WELL, especially of late. Also, James Baldwin? Come on.

And another thing, glaring incompetance at handling the internet from an internet company. This is web 2.0, folks. Did you think that if you just ignored it, people were just going to shut up and go away??? Um, no. This is the internet; being outraged is its hobby. Ditto writers, critics, fans, etc... and all of them have access to keys, and big, loud, cybervoices. Snuggling under easter eggs and hoping problem vanishes = no good. Sigh. Anyway, y'all have heard this already from a myriad of places that are not me, so I will stfu. But yeah. You know the drill, write email, sign the petition. Speak up!

Summing up my thoughts pretty successfully are the salon broadsheet and [ profile] bodlon's post, where he also discusses the bias implicit in the way queer stuff is considered more "adult" than equivalently explicit straight material.

In other news: my dad is bad-tempered, tired and discomposed by various bodily functions not quite operating via standard parameters. I'll just leave it at that.

Last weekend, we had the cousin-brother invasion. God, so many of my boys in one wee nyc apartment. It was insane, oldest + wife, another one + boyfriend, and the second to youngest. Plus me and D. of course. All the boys put to work moving sofas, dressers, chairs etc. D. was an enormous hit, as he is immensely handy, and also I think they all have little boy crushes on him. Some more platonic than others. The one with the boyfriend, the boyfriend and I did a fair amount of non-platonic heckling at any rate. Fun times.

My dad, of course, decided he wanted to also move things. And mop the floor. I became afraid he was going to have to be physically restrained, but instead after a few minutes of exertion, he simply fell asleep.

I tried to help with the moving of things, but was held back by a horrid pinched nerve or something in my back, which has been going on for a week now in what I can only describe as fluctuating between excruciating agony and bearable pain. I have an appointment with a chiropractor today. I've never been to one before, and am terribly nervous.

Last night I couldn't sleep and watched Bright Young Things. David Tennant plays unsympathetic really well, it's amazing. (I also am beginning to think that the Doctor is the sanest of his many roles. Frightening thought.) Anyway, it's a fun time, this flick, even with the too-hollywood romantic ending. And the actors! Spectacular, one and all.

Then I had terrible nightmares about byzantine intrigue and magical plots and wormholes surrounded by green and blue rubber bands. If the bands were cut: apocalypse. My father had the scissors, and cut them as I begged and pleaded with him not to.

My subconscious is terribly boring these days, don't you think?
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the video store was out of all the delightfully depressing movies that i thought i might inflict upon us this evening. so i settled for Shakespeare in Love, and the Matrix on dvd. d. wants to test his "new" DVD player (housewarming present, courtesy of kittie i think) and flat screen tv (just bought yesterday!)

i got Shakespeare in Love on video simply because he also still has the VCR that we bought together in san diego. and i remember the night that we got it. it was probably about ten pm. and i really wanted to watch a movie. (probably it was one of those evenings in that apartment where the silence was too deafening for us to even try and break it with words.) and i told him i wanted him to buy me a vcr. right that second. and he did. from (ahh, weren't those the days) and it was delivered to our door, in twenty minutes, along with two movies.

the vcr will probably break at some point, and then i'm going to take it from him, and stuff it in a closet somewhere as a reminder of those halcyon dot-com days. and more importantly, so that i remember that even the most desperate nights can sometimes be saved.

and now, off to movie night...
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good things:
last night i managed to write two whole paragraphs on the silly novel type thing that i am working on. (the amount would be pathetic, but it's the most i've managed in weeks);
i cleaned half my house. (well maybe more like a third, but hey, who's counting.);
i fell even more in love with John Cusack last night as I re-watched Grosse Point Blank;
i exhausted myself, so that by the time i went to bed, i was really really sleepy, and didn't have to deal with insomnia eating my head.

not-so-good things:
the sunshine went away;
my stomach decided to try and come out of every orifice it could think of;
i had the nightmares again. those ones. with her in them. could i fucking get over this already? please?;
i still have the rest of my house to clean, and laundry to do;
i'm hungry, and there's no food here;
my head feels like it's been stuffed with sawdust and ground glass, and then, to add insult to injury, it feels like it's been pickled;
and, like Emily of New Moon, i am far too obsessed with italics.

and, did i mention that i'm hungry?


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