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(Writercon post coming soon, really.)

Till then: you guys! The Mutant Problem: A Photographic Essay by Peter Parker by [ profile] xenokattz. In The New York Times. The thumbnails are a tad slow to load, but so worth it. Is it meta? fic? art? meta-comic? meta-minority? I don't even know.

But it blew my mind.

It's nice to remember how fucking creative fandom can be. I LOVE IT.
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If not, why aren't you?? They are SO awesome.

Anyway, if you are, then go and read this story by [ profile] kahtyasofia right now. Seriously.
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Hi guys! Any of y'all like RPS? 'Cause if you do, go ahead and check out this gem. It's RTD/GDL and it is awesome. *grin* C'mon. I saved you all a seat next to the fires of the seventh circle. It's toasty and warm, and I brought marshmallows.
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This is really pretty cool. Dear Captain, Last Night I Slept In Mutiny seems to have won a Skiffy Award for "Best of Jack Harkness: Romance". Winning stuff is always pretty neat, and this particular story is very dear to our hearts, but really the best thing about this is the company "Dear Captain..." is in. SRSLY. Go to the award page and check out all the winners and runners up. It is a fabulous reading list, full of fantastic stories by people who need no introduction, but are followed avidly, and some lesser known pieces that deserve more recognition. Go. Read. Fanperson the authors. I think the idea of having character-centric awards for particular types of depiction is a really spectacular one for fandom, as it highlights so precisely what we're trying to do here; honor fictional universes certainly, but also bring to life the people who, for whatever reason, and in whatever flavor, have colonized our brains. Thanks to whoever nominated us (you rock, whoever you are!) and any of you who might have voted.

More story very soon!
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So, I just had to make a quick [read 3 hours] dash to the New College Which Must Not Be Named. (I may need a new fandom-specific name for this one: thoughts? Prydonian Academy will not do, as I fear it will not be all happy, happy, joy, joy.) It was frantic because I'd not read the email closely, and I was just checking it to make sure I was getting certain notations right in my syllabus, and then I realized that we were *ahem* requested & required to make an appearance at a New Faculty Tea. At 3pm. It was 2:10pm when I was reading the email. SO I dashed out the door, armed with laptop (so I could work on the subway, always fun, and I ended up just writing more story instead, bad kali! no biscuit!) and ran like the hounds of hell were chasing me down to the college.

Only to discover that it was totally useless. It was in fact, just tea. (Literally tea. And lemon cake. and ice cream - none of which I ate.) Dunno what they made such a big deal about it for; it was completely insipid, and also not net-worky. Just to produce the illusion that we are all collegial colleagues, with spirit Feh. And if I have to hear once more: "Oh, you teach children's literature! You're so lucky!" I might throw something. I'm not lucky, okay? I've got balls and attack ovaries, and therefore enough guts to actually study things I like, rather than things which look respectable. Luck has got nothing to do with it! ANYWAY. I did get some writing done, which was okay, and on my way home, I stopped at the bookstore to see if my texts for the class had arrived, and didn't even have to go downstairs because I saw a bunch of college boys coming out with them all in their hands. One of them was cute too! He looked exactly like Lex Luthor from Smallville. Dunno what I'm gonna do with that.

In conclusion, a rec. This is a Doctor Who vid; it's called Handlebars, and I think it is incredible. The song choice is impeccable and fits the Doctor in all his breathtaking arrogance and fundamental glee so perfectly, but with all that, there's an underlying irony; the glee is undercut throughout by notes of anguish that just made me want to cry, even as my mouth hung open in awe. It's the kind of vid that is so very clean, you almost can't see all the work the vidders did to make it work. Spoilers through 4x13: Journey's End. Go check it out!
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My very favorite kind of show is one where I love every single character; where no matter who the subplot is concentrating on, I never feel like fastforwarding because I geniuinely care what happens to everybody. Bonus points, if I can feel that special charge you get when you're watching something that's made with love, like when you can tell the actors and writers adore their job, are fond of each other, and are fans of what they're producing; it can't be faked. There's something starry-eyed about shows like that which can't be quantified, but is instantly recognizable. Firefly had it. Doctor Who and Torchwood have it too. So if you feel even a particle of the same way, go ahead and check out [ profile] such_heights' vid, Love is All You Need. It's a joy. Spoilers for all aired episodes.
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This is maybe my favorite TW/DW vid ever. Okay, I have a ridiculous love for this song, but give it a chance even though it is cheezy!pop.

Wherever You Will Go
This is not the most polished work, but I like it anyway.

Five Becomes Four
Oh, Jack!

Accidentally in Love
Oh, Ianto!

In the End.
This is a song that gets used a LOT in vids, but this one is just perfect anyway. Really gorgeous vidding, and it fits so well!

Everything You Want
I kinda love this too. No effects or anything, but still fun!

Banned from Argo
You've watched Star Trek, right? I find this vid adorable. Oh Team Torchwood! Come back soon!

Read My Mind
Okay, I love this song. And it's so very Jack.
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[Organized by Book Title, then Story Title. Alphabetical. Last Updated 19 January 2009]
[Starred Fics Especially Recommended]

First, not really a Rec, but collected for the Fun of It:

untitled heyer erotica [My Lord Robert aka My Lord Rule]/My Lady Annabel aka Horatia]
Author: Rosanne Goodwins
The Convenient Marriage
[Het. Explicit. Pornographic, in fact. BDSM]
It's good. And original. Sadly, what is good, isn't original, and what's original isn't...well, you get the idea. The author claims to have copied Heyer's “style of writing” but of course, she's copied most of her phrasing as well. I especially love the part where the archivist compliments the prose. I'm sure Miss Heyer would appreciate it. Anyway. It's lifted directly from The Convenient Marriage, if Rule were into spanking, caning and otherwise correcting Horatia. There are a few odd anachronisms in the * ahem * new material.

The List:

His Favorite Cousin [Jack/Hugh]
Author: [ profile] tetsubinatu
[Slash. Het. OFC. Dubcon.]
I'm a sucker for rare pairings, and this one does not disappoint. Jack/Hugh is not a pairing I'd ever thought of before, but this fic convinces you beautifully, highlighting Jack's viciousness and hotness, and Hugh's inability to withstand either very nicely. I know what I'll be thinking of next time I re-read Cotillion.

*A Gentleman of Taste [Freddy/Kitty + Cousins]
Author: [ profile] athousandwinds
[Het. Not Explicit.]
Five trials that the Honourable Frederick Standen endured with sang-froid and savoir-faire, or would have if he'd spoken a word of French. Romantic, lovely, clever and great fun.

*Kissing Cousins [Freddy/Kitty, Freddy/Jack]
Author: [ profile] wordsofastory
[Slash. Not Explicit.]
Kissing cousins, indeed. But which ones? Hilarious peacemaking between Kitty and Jack, by way of rumours ferried by Meg, and some "not in the petticoat line" brokering by Freddy. Charmingly rendered and deeply entertaining.

*What Maketh the Man [Freddy/Kitty, Jack]
Author: [ profile] valderys
[Het. Not Explicit]
Charmingly written, complete with note-perfect voices, Freddy, gallant and bemused and oddly on-the-spot as ever; Jack, perfectly sardonic, and yet allowing himself to be rescued, and Kitty who is extravagant in all things, including kindness.

The Prodigals [Vidal/Mary + relations and a highwayman]
Author: [ profile] pollymel
Devil's Cub
[Het. Not Explicit.]
Sadly you can't shoot family members the way you can highwaymen. Vidal and Mary try to cope. Some great moments and phrases in this one.

A Blind Eye [Gilly/Harriet, Gilly/Gideon]
Author: [ profile] joylee56
The Foundling
[Slash. Het. Poly. Not Very Explicit.]
A sweet solution to the perennial Foundling pairing dilemma. Gilly's a lucky man.

*Both Native and Stranger [Gilly/Gideon]
Author: Tofty
The Foundling
[Slash. Non-explicit]
This story is truly delightful, in spite of or perhaps because of its melancholy. Lovely language as well.

*Flapdragon'd [Gilly/Gideon]
Author: [ profile] vissy
The Foundling
[Slash. Explicit.]
Simply spectacular, this story takes a surprisingly rare tack - giving the Duke of Sale mourning weeds. Luckily he's got a pair of [delightful!] hell born brats, Francis the footman, a family who loves him, and of course, Cousin Gideon. I just loved this; the detail is stunning, and the writing absolutely lovely. This one's another of the best to come out of this fandom, I think.

*Topsy-Turvy [Gilly/Gideon, Gilly/Harriet mentioned]
Author: [ profile] mireille719
The Foundling
[Slash. Not Explicit]
This story is one of the best Heyer fics I've read. I really love it. Why are all good Foundling stories so sad? It's not like it's a sad book!

*Bachelors of Some Renown [Gil/Ferdy]
Author: [ profile] damned_colonial
Friday's Child
[Slash. Non-explicit]
I heart this story! Heyer's rakish, men-about-town “confirmed bachelors” just beg to be slashed, and this little vignette seizes on the theme and gives us a metafic that manages to stay wonderfully in character.

Much Ado [Book pairings + Ferdy/Gil]
Author: [ profile] twistedchick
Friday's Child
[Slash. Non Explicit.]
Very sweet. And I like the Shakespeare stuff.

The Return of the Grand Sophy [book pairings]
Author: [ profile] joylee56
The Grand Sophy
[Het. Non-Explicit]
A nice romp, Sophy style.

The Unmasking [Sir Anthony/Robin]
Author: [ profile] moth2fic
The Masqueraders
[Slash. Explicit]
This is one of Heyer's cross-dressing books – and I confess I wondered if it even needed ficcing, considering the fantastically gender-queer original text. After reading this delightful little story – I think you too will agree that it definitely does!

*Prick of the Sword [Sir Anthony/Prudence/Robin]
Author: [ profile] twistedchick
The Masqueraders
[Slash. Het. Threesome. Incest. Explicit]
Wow!! twistedchick really delivers on the promises made and hinted at in the original text. Beautifully written. Very hot. Highly recommended.

Bitter Remembrance [Francis Cheviot / Louis de Castres]
Author: [ profile] redsnake05
The Reluctant Widow
[Slash. Explicit.]
Another rare pairing, but one I always wanted to see after (finally) locating the novel. Wish it were longer, but so nice to see it done!

Adeste Fidelis, Satanas [Justin/Hugh]
Author: [ profile] ionescribens
These Old Shades
[Slash. Explicit.]
Another lovely Avon/Davenant through the years before Leonie.

*Arabesque [Justin/Leonie, Justin/Hugh mentioned]
Author: [ profile] ionescribens
These Old Shades & Devil's Cub
[Het. Slash. Non-Explicit]
I just...really love this little vignette. Voices captured perfectly, and just somehow right. I wish it had been longer too!!!

*Chrysopeia [Justin/Leon(ie)]
Author: [ profile] flourish
These Old Shades
[Het. Genderqueer. Not Explicit.]
This is delightfully and subversively queer under the mask of straightness -- much like the novel itself. Non-linear, thoughtful, and really smart, with a varying Leon/Leonie pov.

The Devil's Choice [Justin/Hugh, Justin/Leonie mentioned]
Author: [ profile] fajrdrako
These Old Shades
[Slash. Explicit. BDSM mentioned]
While I adore slash pairings in Heyer, I find myself really unable to read ones that don't acknowledge the romantic pairing featured in the novel. When they acknowledge and honor it, whilst adding new dimensions and complications – I swoon in delight. This author's uncompromising look at his grace, the Duke of Avon really sold this story to me. It's also really hot.

Rome [Justin/Hugh, Justin/Leonie mentioned]
Author: [ profile] ishafel
These Old Shades
[Slash. Not Very Explicit.]
This doesn't read much like Heyer, but I like it anyway, especially for the last paragraph.

*The Wages of Vice [Justin/Hugh, Justin/Leonie]
Author: Jat Sapphire
These Old Shades & Devil's Cub
[Slash. Explicit]
Beautifully researched, and just beautifully done. If you read Heyer fic, you've probably already read this one.

*Ajax Renown'd [Hugh/Vincent]
Author: [ profile] grondfic
The Unknown Ajax
[Slash. Explicit]
A rare pairing, and quite delightful.

*Five Years [Aubrey, Damerel/Venetia]
Author: S.J.Kasabi aka [ profile] sjkasabi
A very nice look at Aubrey through the years - his crotchets & sulks, his brilliant yet oblivious mind, and slow unfolding into the person he was meant to be. Aubrey is one of my favorite characters in the Heyer oeuvre and I'm very fond of this story.


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