Feb. 7th, 2009

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Not what you think. *grins*

We did get drunk, though. And there were three of us.

And on an almost entirely unrelated note, Rach and I reflected a bit on how our preferred fic "pair"ings are all threesomes. Even IHNIIHBT -- while about Jack and Ianto, it was sort of always involved with groupings of three as well. We have Jack & Ianto -- and Lisa, the ghost in the room. And then Jack, Ianto and the Doctor; Jack, Nine and Rose; Jack, Ianto, and Asha; Ianto, the Face, and the priest; Jack, Ianto and Jens; Jack, Ianto, and Jamie; Jack, Ianto and Rose; and of course, Jack, Ianto & Gwen.

So we have decided what our next fic is going to be. Rest assured, we are not giving up on Jenny. (Which, come to think of it, is a threesome too!)

But we're moving this one up because I have a really hard time writing non-canonical AUs, and writing things that are going to be Jossed. And this fic? It's a Jack/Ianto/Gwen (yes, like that) which is NOT going to be true by the time S3 rolls around. So, we've got to finish it before June. Jenny (has spaceship, will travel!) on the other hand, can wait a bit.

We descibed our Jenny-fic as a sort of BDSM French Farce in Time and Space...

This fic? -- Well, I don't want to give away *too* much, but you could call it our version of curtains!fic. Also, it has a plot. A real live honest-to-goodness plot.


Threesomes for the win!
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So I didn't get to go to NY Comicon. Luckily for me, and the rest of us who weren't able to make it, our live correspondent was on the ground, ready to report back in 160 chars. Or less.

Warning: Some spoilers, and also spoiler-y speculation for Series 3 abounds.

I think out of all the folk on Torchwood, I might want to hang out with Eve the most... )


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