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Okay, I'm a bit late with this one; the panel was at 5pm. But better late than never, I suppose. There aren't that many comments from me. How many different ways can you express "omg, i wish i were there!! hates you!!"? Not that many it turns out. ;-)

Also, they talk about series 3 quite a bit.

how unfair is it that I get stuck transcribing in NY while in L.A., apparently gdl and kai owen have already had a kissing incident? )

Also, at some point, gdl apparently sent his regards to Sam.
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So I didn't get to go to NY Comicon. Luckily for me, and the rest of us who weren't able to make it, our live correspondent was on the ground, ready to report back in 160 chars. Or less.

Warning: Some spoilers, and also spoiler-y speculation for Series 3 abounds.

I think out of all the folk on Torchwood, I might want to hang out with Eve the most... )
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D. and I were emailing back and forth regarding the Colt. [He has a bunny regarding Samuel Colt, and Yellow Eyes/Azazel... which I am desperately trying to convince him to actually write.]

So we then have the following exchange:

[ profile] hofnarr: It says, "Enoch portrays Azazel as responsible for teaching people to make weapons and cosmetics, for which he was cast out of heaven."
[redacted because he might actually write the thing!]
[ profile] kalichan: Dude, that's awesome. It's like it's REALLY TRUE.
*has inappropriate visual of Yellow Eyes teaching Sam to put on makeup*
But seriously, that is freaking cool.
Spoilers for Season 4 )

I would just like to say that I love my life.
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Wow. I can see progress towards degree becoming even slower.

Dear god.

Also, just "chatted" with a parental unit for the first time. All the way from India. TECHNOLOGY IS VERY STRANGE.

Meanwhile, what do you do the day you finish your ~200K epic?

...start talking about the next one?

Kali: This next one, I think should be a lot less fatalistic, and a lot more random chance. No more of this ooh destiny business.
Rach: oh yeah like a lucky streak at vegas and a splurge on hookers and blow and then running into your parents and finding out their creepy secrets but not caring, because hey, you have hookers and blow!
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Rach: You know what Jack and Ianto have never talked about...? The real Captain Jack.... I wonder if Tosh ever told him about that?
Kali: God, yeah. I don't even know how Ianto would respond. Or if there's anyway to respond that isn't terrible. I mean, from Ianto's perspective: a) wtf. you went back to the 1940s and FELL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF?! sadness-jealousy, and b) so, you kissed that dude, and by doing so YOU KILLED HIM. Because I firmly believe that real!Jack was killed in "friendly" fire.
Rach:Yeah, I agree about real!Jack. Also I think Ianto would be like, "Wait, we've been together for months now, through all this awful shit and you're in love with him and not me and then you acted like THAT?"

And from there, it was but a hop, skip and a jump to the following conversation...

this is not fic, but the way we communicate in email for no discernable reason )

Not at all part of IHNIIHBT, btw, just us being crack monkeys. =D

ETA: And Rach adds below: "Also for the edification of the masses -- one of us is not Jack and one of us is not Ianto, we just send little chunks of the discussion back and forth, so like the first 4 lines will be one person, the next ten the other, the next two, etc etc..."
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rach: on my way home to sleep. hopefully fic later.
kali: sleep will heal you
rach: it the fuck better or i'm filing a complaint.
kali: oh hi there, jack. how's it going?
rach: dunno doc. feel like distracting me from a head cold? no? ok. just tell me this shit doesn't happen when i'm a big giant head in a jar.
kali: nope, sorry, no can do. you spend quite a bit of time in hospital as i recall. but! look on the bright side. cat nuns! and you get to see ME.
rach: no hands though. it's a cruel, cruel universe out there and i blame you at least just a little. i need ianto to bring me soup.
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And from the last TW panel at dragon*con, we give you the final installment in 160 characters or less from Atlanta. As you'll discover, GDL and Barrowman text message each other too... and how.

hungover is a good look for gdl, apparently. thank goodness. )
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And more text message liveblog from dragon*con, still in 160 character segments or less. (Although I did stick in a few explanatory notes in brackets & italics from Rach's post panel phone call to me). [ profile] rm will no doubt post a meatier [pun intended] version of this at some point.

and as ever, a little valentine to rps'ers out there from your buddies, james marsters & gareth david lloyd )
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I'm kinda lj spamming today, for which my apologies. However! I kinda wish I were in Atlanta right now. Still. Next best thing to being there is this little liveblog from dragon*con via text message. If you've been reading I Had No Idea I Had Been Traveling, we feel even more justified now! Thanks, Gareth. ;-) I'm sure Rach will post about this in detail later, and then y'all can hear about g.d.l.'s favorite line (eye candy!), the fact that his ass hurts, and other such tidbits. Till then, I give you:

and in conclusion, g.d.l. is definitely barrowman's bitch... )


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